Neymar Jr.

Barcelona and Betis tie the game at Benito Villamarín

This Sunday (29) match was complicated for the FC Barceloa. The team tied the game with Betis by 1-1 in this round of La Liga. Suárez socred the draw goal in the end of the second half. The team will return to the pitch next Wednesday (1), against Atletico Madrid, for the Copa del Rey.

First half –

Barcelona calmly passed the ball at Benito Villamarín. At 11 minutes, the first dangerous play happened due to a failure in Barcelona’s defense, where Rubén Pardo took a chance to kick, but Ter Stegen prevented the goal. Both squads sought space, risking in each opportunity the saw.

But the game surpassed 25 minutes and no play seemed to generate a goal. At 32, Betis proved that they had their eyes on the ball, when they took their chances on another failure from the catalan defenders and almost score. As na anser, Messi and Neymar Jr. invaded the area and exchanged passes, but when the Brazilian got face to face with the goalkeeper, NJr missed the shot.

The game ran to its end and at 40, in a conter attack, Neymar Jr. accelerated on the left and found Suárez on the right. The Uruguayan had a great chance, but sent it out. Without any more risks, the referee ended the first half.

Second half –

Soon at 50 minutes, Betis got a good free-kick for them in the area’s entrance, but Barcelona’s defense took the danger away. Soon after, Messi left the ball for Aleix Vidal to kick it from the right, but he missed. Time passed fast inside the pitch and the azulgrana team saw too much difficulty in finding their spaces and creating plays.

At 70 minutes, Ceballos kicked the ball from outside the area and it hit the pole, almost making it bad for Barça and at 73, Rubén Castro did it again. But Betis tried so much that they ended up scoring. After a corner-kick, Alegría pushed the ball to the net, on the rebound.

Soon after, the referee made a heavy mistake by not seeing na own goal score by Mandi in the middle of a confusing play inside Betis’ area. As na answer, in a play started by Neymar Jr., the Brazilian left the ball with Messi, who passed for Suárez to tie the game.

But it wasn’t enough. Barcelona tried to pressure, but did not untie it. The referee whistled and it was 1-1 at Benito Villamarín.

Photo: AP