Neymar Jr.


We all love five-a-side, that’s why we’re here… but there are a few things that we can all relate while we’re playing the beautiful game.

1) There is always that one guy that turns up in full kit.
2) Someone will always avoid going in goal!
3) The ball will connect with someone’s face at some point, and it will be hilarious.
4) The ball will also go over the fence at least once.
5) One person will take it way too seriously.
6) Football Manager will be referenced countless times when discussing tactics.
7) Someone will continue to do skills they’ve learned from FIFA, despite the fact they constantly give the ball away!
8) The talented goalie will stay in goal for the first 5 minutes before heading outfield.
9) …And the guy who’s grumpy about being in goal will let in easy shots to prove a point.
10) It will probably turn out that absolutely no one was keeping score the whole time.

And that’s the beauty of five-a-side. It can be played by anyone and it is loved by everyone!